Sunday, July 27, 2008

World War Tower Defense review

DukesBox asked me to review their first Tower Defense game World War Tower Defense.

Gameplay Summary:
The game is similar to the very popular Desktop Tower Defense in how you must create a maze to make your enemies travel the most distance and hopefully perish before reaching the 2 exits to the right and bottom of the screen.

1- A good number of weapons to choose from.
2- Unique with their random entrance points.
3- Lots of different enemy graphics.

1- Lacks game modes / features.
2- Weapons firing seem to miss a lot. Enemies travel faster than turrets can rotate Ex: Fire Cannon.
3- Does not stick with the World War theme through out the game. I didn't know the Axis or the Allies had developed Frost and Smash technologies.
4- No Pause, Menu, or skip/advance round button to click on.

Overall decent. But they could of added a few more unique elements/features and done a lot more with the World War theme.
Check it out for yourself World War Tower Defense and let me know if I was bang on or dead wrong.

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imacanuck said...

you can press space to advance the levels